About Us

Hicks, Inc. is the #1 national wholesale distributor of fishing, hunting, marine, archery, and other outdoor products. Our products are furnished to retail stores throughout the United States. Hicks Inc. holds trade shows twice a year where dealers come to see new items and purchase products for the up coming seasons. The shows attract more than 1500 people from around the country every season. If you are interested in becoming a dealer, please feel free to browse our dealer section for vital information.

Our History: Hicks, Inc. is a family owned business that began over one hundred years ago in Luverne, Alabama as Hicks Mercantile. The business has always remained in Luverne despite our evolvements. Stephen W. Hicks founded Hicks, Inc.; his son Steve H. Hicks followed him; his son-in-law, John M. Wise Sr. is now the CFO/Chairman and has been active since late 1957; his son, John Wise Jr. is now the CEO/President of the company and has been with Hicks, Inc. since 1980. With this much dedication and experience, it's obvious why Hicks, Inc. is #1 in their class.